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The Acoustic Mixtape is less a 'band', more a 'collective' of talented musicians and singers from across the South West UK. They play mad mashups, medleys and acoustic-ified 'Live Lounge' style versions of all the songs you know, love and forgot about. Almost ANYTHING can get the Mixtape treatment; from The Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys and Linkin Park to Tina Turner, Craig David and even Ricky Martin...


Initially assembled in 2017 as 'The 90s Acoustic Mixtape' for the Bath Fringe Festival by singer-songwriter Sam Eason, the Mixtape has grown in number, stature and awesomeness in the years since. The Acoustic Mixtape has previously delivered distinct 'Mixtapes' themed around different eras and genres; 00s, 90s, 80s, Valentines & Christmas - although the group more recently gets bookings for simply the 'ultimate' mixtape (ie all of the above!).

For any given show, the Mixtape lineup can change depending on the direction of the wind, the shape of the moon (and other boring things like availability) but one thing is always guaranteed - the most creative and entertaining acoustic setlist imaginable; performed by some of the region's most engaging and accomplished performers.


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